Welcome to Grokcraft!

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Grokcraft is a Minecraft server and community where parents, kids and professionals engage in playful collaborative social-emotional learning (SEL.)  All our members are vetted and for youth require parent permission to participate.  Our adult counselors are available to mentor youth with the goal of letting as much cooperation and conflict happening without adult intervention.  Our youth group, Grok Corps, is open to those who want to be trained in conflict resolution and online moderation.  Our vision is that kids will not avoid conflicts as much as learn to resolve them when they arise.  We believe that in free play, children and adults can learn mindfulness, empathy and other social skills in a playful enivronment.  You can read more about this in our Manifesto.

At the same time, we provide a high-touch learning environment for adult educators and clinicians to learn how to use Minecraft in their work.  With both groups approaching with educational needs and abilities in SEL and tech skills, there are constant opportunities for collaboration embedded in (most importantly!) fun.  Monthly seminars for educators, in-game coaching and instruction are available to give professionals a fun way to learn and practice 21st-century gameplay and add it to their professional repertoire.

Grokcraft is an educational rather than therapeutic milieu.  Based on the educateur model, professionals are encouraged to refer clients who would benefit from play-based social emotional learning.