Groups and Workshops


Grok Gallery Art Group                          Leader: Joy                                 Tuesdays 7-8 EST

Looking for a way to express yourself creatively? Want Grokcraft to be as beautiful as it is fun? Come join Joy in making 8-bit art in our Grok-Gallery! All skill levels welcome! Contact for information.


Redstone Engineering Group               Leader: Eric                               Thursdays 7-8 EST

Want to test your mettle as a “Redstone Engineer”?  From elevators to in-game tic-tac-toe, come learn and build projects as part of a team.  Beginners and experts welcome. Contact for details.


Grokcraft Demolition Night                   Leaders: Mike, Joy, Eric              Wednesdays 6-7 EST

Need to blow off some steam and blow up some stuff?  Join the Grokcraft staff at a safe distance from the Grokcraft center to demolish the landscape with TNT.  Prepare for some serious lagging, and Kabooms that would make a Creeper blush!  Contact for details.


Workshops for Professionals                     Leader: Mike                                        TBD

If you’re a therapist or educator you may find these monthly seminars of interest.  Topics include using Minecraft to create community, incorporating mindfulness into learning, symbols of empathy in Minecraft, the Creeper as an anger management model and more.