The Grokcraft Manifesto

  • We believe that play makes people better at being people.
  • We believe that play can make us more intelligent, flexible & compassionate learners.
  • We believe that play helps us learn how to get along with others in ways that are unique.
  • We believe that most kids or adults do not play enough in high-stakes educational settings.
  • We believe we can change this.
  • We believe that if we put more play in daily life, our communities become stronger, smarter & more peaceable.
  • We believe for play to do this, adults must let kids make mistakes to learn from.
  • We believe that for play to do this, kids must take risks & struggle with things and fail.
  • We believe that failure & mistakes can be fun sometimes.
  • Above all, we believe in having a server that welcomes, includes & celebrates all ages, abilities, races, colors, ethnicities, nationalities, socioeconomic statuses, sexual orientations, gender identities & expressions.